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I received the check today, but haven't had time to get to the bank.  I'll go by tomorrow to deposit it.  In the meantime, let me know your flight information so I know when to be at the airport, unless you plan on taking a taxi.
Please find attached a photo of me so you can recognize me.
Thanks for your Honesty!!!
Hi,I am glad you got my payment and I am rest assured now that I have gotten a nice place with you.I hope you are getting everything already set for me now and my room too just try and make it set for me so that all i have to do when i get to state myself in person is just to furnish the room to my own taste and get the basic bed room sets in to my room.Is there
any Bed lamp in there?anyway I plan to get all that as soon as i am in town so you will show me around stores where i can shop around.
He actually told me that the payment was sent through Fedex.I know you are a honest person too and i so much appreciate your extreme honesty and cant wait to meet you in person too.He actually paid out the whole money($3000).Yes the whole money is for both my room rent and the rest is the rest of my money.I told him to just send the rent money to you but he acutally send all my money to you but I know I am in safe hand.Please travelling agent said he can book flight for me from here into Atlanta.Is ATL Airport very Close to our home?because he said that UNITED AIRWAYS AIRLINE  has a flight into ATL on Saturday.I hope you will be available to come pick me up at the airport but i will let you know my flight ilitenary so you could know my exact time of arrival.
You should go and deposit the check at your bank ATM machine  and I am sure your account will be credited soonest so that you can then get paid of the rent.
Please hold on to the rent for now and please you have to send $2200 for ticket fees so that i can comeover on Saturday.When can you get to the Moneygram place?Can you send $2200 asap so that he can get paid of ticket fees and book that flight for me and i can comeover on Saturday.I really know I am in safe hand and my mind is at rest.REPLY SOON and i will then get my travelling agent info.I hope not to be delayed.


Feb. 16th, 2010 10:34 pm (UTC)
What is the rest of the story, Paul Harvey?