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Whilst doing several loads of laundry today, I managed to forget to check the pockets on one pair of pants. Writing off the clinking noise in the dryer as just the buttons on several pairs of jeans, I never went downstairs to investigate.
Turns out, it wasn't the buttons.
I neglected to remove the magnetic badge holder I use as my wallet. So now I need to make a quick trip to Kroger or Wal-Mart to make sure that my credit and debit cards still work.
Because it's going to suck trying to drive to Pensacola Friday, only to find that I don't have a way to pay for anything.

Curiouser and curiouser....

One of my roommates moved out on short notice, right before Christmas. Because he signed a lease through the end of September, he said that he would make things right by helping to replace himself or continuing to pay his share of the rent until the room was filled. I'm thinking he didn't think he'd actually have to continue to pay, but that's what happens when you jump ship on short notice.
So, in efforts to speed up the process of getting the room filled, I've placed ads on craigslist, kijiji, roomster, and roommates.com. The following is a transcript of a very suspicious exchange. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for your interest in the room for rent. It is in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, and rent is $365 monthly, with a $365 security deposit that is refundable at the end of the lease. There is attic and basement storage, covered parking, a large fenced-in yard, and a washer and dryer. The house also has a double fireplace, central heating and air, and ceiling fans in most rooms. If you would like to arrange a time to see the house, please feel free to call me at (850) 251-7560. My roommate and I are both students at Life University, studying chiropractic. Also, I have friendly, medium-sized dog.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Ron Sweeney


Let me tell you more about me. my name is Jessica Joseph and am from Canada am 28 years old of age..Christianity by religion, am single with no kids.I speak English,My personality traits are: serious, confident, calm, purposeful, persistent, smart, responsible,I usually read: classics, novels, newspapers and magazines My favorite physical
activities:Working Out, Dancing, Swiming and Hiking/Walking.I like the place and I'll be so glad if you can reserve the room for me and remove the advert from roommates sites as i'll love to rent the place..

I sold African beads,i used to buy it in Africa and send it to U.S..A and here in Canada for selling and i based in Canada but now want to be staying there in the USA because i have alot of customers over in the state and i will not be doing the business in the house because i used to send the beads to my customer from Africa direct to them when i travel to go and buy it in Africa.

Thats is why am looking for a place to stay in the states there so that i will have comfortable chance to do this business,just not like to stay in hotel. I'm a quiet and easy going person to live with.. My families lives here in Canada . and will love to come down as soon as possible to explore my business and hope to have a more business job. However, based on your mail i will be making a payment to move in. I had like to make the payment for the first month ahead of my arrival, and then i will make subsequent payment thereafter as i plan to stay or more than 12months.The things i will be moving in my luggages and the rest loads.Try to check your attachment and find my pic there.

Hope to hear from you soon



Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately, I did not receive any attachments. In order to reserve the room for you, in addition to the first month's rent and deposit ($730 USD total, money order preferred) we would need a photocopy of your driver's license or passport (enlarged 125% for readability) and a copy of your credit report (a Canadian friend tells me this can obtained online using your Social Insurance Number). This is for the owner to be confident of a positive history. If you could send these documents to me at 1439 Forest Ln SE, Marietta GA 30067, and the payment payable to Ron Sweeney, I will be happy to take the listing down.

Thank you again,

One more thing--
After speaking with my friend, it was suggested you also include a copy of your visa, just to expedite the process.


Thanks for getting back to me.Am out of country to purchase the beads and i suppose to call or give you my direct phone number but am on trip for my business and i will be there by next weekend and about credit check i will like to come over and you will check everything about me before moving in.i am ok with the asking price for the rent considering the amount i will be squandering monthly if i am to live in hotels mean while staying with you will really be prudent spending..I am so happy your place is up to available.If you dont mind i will like to accept the offer of the room.As for my items and luggages if you dont have enough space .

Meanwhile, Pls I will need the following full data from you so that payment can get to you soonest Name, contact address and the Telephone number.....(Cell,Office,Home,).I will also like to know the nearest airport to our house. This is important even though i will like to see and inspect where i will call home in few weeks time personally but i really want to have a place ready ahead of my arrival due to past experience .I dont want to take anything for granted i hate being stranded moreover i will not be paying my rent personally cos my customer that buying the Afrcan beads from me will be responsible for my upkeeping,Accommodation and Mobility.

I will like to see that they are serious about this promises so that i dont get there and tell you stories about the rent .When you have confirmed to me that you have received the rent only then will i get on the flight and come over.I hope you understand what i mean .If you still want to rent the room to me please reply me with your address and full name please .The rent will be made available to you inform of a certified money order.




The closest airport to the house is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). It is just under 26 miles away, but that is all interstate highway travel, so it takes about 40 minutes with traffic (except during rush hour, when cars barely move on the highway).
The address of the house is 1439 Forest Lane SE, Marietta GA 30067. The house itself is approximately one mile from the interstate highway. We do not keep a house telephone, as my roommate and I each have cell phones, nor do we have office phones as we are both students at this time. I can, however, be reached at (850) 251-7560 at most times throughout the day and night (and if I don't answer, just leave a message for my voicemail; I usually respond as soon as I can).

I look forward to meeting you in person. Sincerely,
Ronald J. Sweeney

PS - I may have neglected to mention the dimensions of the room: 12 feet by 10.5 feet, with an 8-foot ceiling. The basement spans the entire footprint of the upstairs of the house, so there should be plenty of room for whatever you choose to bring with you.

Good Morning Ron!!!

Thank you very much for the address,I will be coming over by next weekend and as soon as i have my flight schedule i will update you, more so make sure that you take off your advert in roommates.com so that i will be rest assured that i have secured the room from you.


My roommate pointed out that she must be in some third world country with limited internet capabilities, otherwise she would know that the closest airport is ATL, the largest airport in the country (even though it really isn't, but I can see his point). Also, her diction has a suspiciously Nigerian-scam feeling to it. My roomie wanted to know why I was wasting my time entertaining this obvious fake, and I told him I'm just trying to fill the room.
When I first contacted her, I didn't know she wasn't already here. Being Canadian isn't so much of a problem, as there are a lot of Canadian students at our school, so I was able to get the information I would need from one of them (she also was the one to suggest kijiji). It's that it went from being, "Oh, I'm Canadian," to "I'm in Africa," and "I will not be paying my rent personally." Personally, I don't care where in the world you are or who's paying your rent, so long as it gets paid on time, in real money. Hence the money order, rather than check (being sure to specify USD, and thankfully she didn't try to ask me for my bank information, so at least she's got that last grain of believability going for her).
But here's the thing: other scammers have responded to craigslist ads in the past, but as soon as you start asking questions, they tend to evaporate. Or there are inconsistencies with the name they claim and the email address. So either this scammer is very dedicated and tenacious, or it might actually be a real person. Although, it did jump out at me a little bit that I had to repeat information... my name, address, and phone number were all in previous emails, which makes me wonder if maybe it's a group of people working in shifts. But really, I'm starting to get too invested in the possibility that it might be an actual person. I want to fill the room, but I don't want to lead her on, particularly if she's going to fly here from Africa. Of course, on the other hand, I did specify all of the information and documentation I would need before I took the listing down. Until I have the $730 safely in my bank account, having passed whatever security detail and hold procedures Wachovia can think of and I recommend them to take, the room is not being taken off of any of the sites for some possibly imaginary person.

Big boy pants

In honor of Robert Clary's impending wedding ceremony this weekend, I took myself up to Men's Wearhouse and bought a suit. A black Versini 3-button jobber. And, taking advantage of their buy one, get another for $100, I stole away with a blue Perry Ellis 2-button that had been marked down 60%. So now I can look like a grownup at grownup-type functions.
Yay, me.


This is why I love the Internet.
And foreign films.
While perusing Apple Trailers, I saw something awesome.
No, not just Clash of the Titans (although that does look fairly good, too)....
District 13: Ultimatum
Or as it's known in France, Banlieue 13: Ultimatum.
Or as it's known on the Pirate Bay, Banlieue.13.Ultimatum.FRENCH.DVDRiP.XViD-UNSKiLLED.avi.
Which, along with the English subtitles, will be waiting for me on my desktop PC when I get home.
Thank you, Remote Desktop Connection.

I'm a PC, and Windows 7 was not my idea.
I'm happy with XP Pro.


Wrigley has taught Maggie how to exploit certain weaknesses in our yard's fence.
That means that this morning, what was supposed to be a quick outing for them both to go pee before I took off for class turned into a fruitless half-hour mandoghunt, ending in me waking up Jeff to pick up where I left off.
He was able to find Maggie while I was away, and Dorease, the representative from the Homeless Pets Foundation who set us up with Wrigley got a call from someone who had found him about a mile away. So she picked him up on her lunch break and is just going to keep him, since we were going to have to terminate our fostering of him pretty soon, what with Jeff moving to Chicago and all. She'll come by later on to pick up his crate and supplies, etc.
And I'll be going to Home Depot after classes today to get some chicken wire to augment the weak spots in the fence.


Righteous Indignation

My roommate Jeff is moving to Chicago.
He decided this this past week.
Apparently, his best friend of forever lives there and has been pressuring him to move up there.
There's a chiropractic school that offers accelerated classes not only for finishing prereqs, but also your bachelor's as a whole.
And his old boss from when he was a phlebotomist now works in dialysis and has a job more or less waiting for him, which will give him full benefits (including tuition reimbursement) for working something like 25 hours a week.
So he's got a place to stay, a job, friends, and school waiting for him.

He's only leaving behind the lease he just resigned here, the dog he just took on as a foster, and any validity to the shit he was spouting at our last roommate evaporating at last minute's notice. Although he does say that he's going to find his own replacement or at least continue to pay rent.

I find it interesting that his plan is to rent a U-Haul and drive up there when he still hasn't received his additional financial aid disbursement. Which means that he still owes rent and utilities here since November. Which means he owes me the money.

Why do I get stuck in a corner like this right at finals week?
...of all the dick moves, seriously??

Seriously, Pandora?

You've played "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman three times today. It's time to dislike that song.

On the other hand, I love Regina Spektor, and you do play her almost enough. Almost.
Work on that.


I can finally breathe.
I just snorted out this ginormous glob of crap that scared the hell out of me. I mean, it was kinda solid, and about the size of a submandibular gland. (I just spent 3 hours in the cadaver lab, studying for my upcoming head & neck practical)

But I can breathe! It's been a long, hard battle for the past... 3 (?) months. I think I've just let my hydration habits slide lately. I promise to be better, self.

And it snowed this morning. I missed it. There was a flurry that melted before it was anything. The ominous ceiling of clouds that greeted me as I left the house around 11 has pretty much dissipated at this point.

Ok, back to physiology stuff.

Omazing Grace

It's apparently a new viral video. I googled it just now after remembering I saw it on someone's facebook feed a few days ago, mentioning something about the worst singer ever.
Watching it, he's clearly mentally handicapped (or whatever the new PC term is).
Not funny.

PS -- Interesting that the "Detect Location" function lists me as being in Smyrna. Close, but not quite. Maybe I need to update my account settings.


I dropped a Depakote down the sink.
Oh well, I guess.

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