It's Tuesday.

And what that means is $6 movies at the Austell Regal Stadium 22.

It probably means other things, too, like since it's the first Tuesday of the month, $4 burritos at Willy's with a student ID, or buy 8, get 8 free at Wild Wings Café, but the movie part is the most relevant to my day.

Also, what else is new...?

Well, since I last updated, which was a long time ago... a lot.
I turned 30 in February.
Jill, my girlfriend of over a year now, and I rent a charming townhouse in Smyrna, along with her two cats, Sophie and Hinkley (both male) and my dog, Maggie.  She also has a fish, Fish R. Man.
I completed my first quarter of student clinic, caring for four patients using the toggle-recoil upper cervical specific technique.
I'm finishing day 12 of the Master Cleanse today, and going shopping for juicing ingredients for a 2-week juice fast.
As of today, I weigh something in the 150s.
I've come to the conclusion that I am gluten-sensitive, as I have no need at this time to get a blood test to confirm celiac disease.
I weaned myself off of my anti-seizure meds back in January, and have been seizure-free since.
As president of my school's chapter of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, I will be leading the delegation to Perth, Western Australia at the end of August.
I am almost done with the Song of Ice and Fire series, having finally gotten to the last book yesterday.
I'll be an orientation assistant for new students this Thursday and Friday.
I've come to realize how much I truly enjoy eating meat, as I have literally lost sleep some nights during this cleanse because I couldn't stop thinking about various meaty foods.
Jill and I both got horrific sunburns this weekend when we went tubing down the Chattahoochee River, and are both hating life right now.

More later.

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Special thanks

I'd like to say thank you to all of those who have so generously given to my chiropractic "Save the World" fund. I'll be heading out for Rio in less than a week.

In no particular order, here is a list of my supporters. Thank you so very, very much!
  • Nick and Alison Dunn of Gainesville, FL

  • Kevin & Dawn Sweeney of Millville, MA

  • Melissa Abrams of Tallahassee, FL

  • Jane Strub of Huntington Station, NY

  • Esther Sweeney of Farmington Hills, MI

  • Ron & Betsy Schubert of Chula Vista, CA

  • Margie & Perry Fulkerson of Tallahassee, FL

  • Dr. Karen Henard of Niceville, FL

I'll be working with a team of doctors headed by Dr. Liam Schübel, DC on what they modestly call The Best Mission Trip Ever for just under a week before I represent Life University (and the United States) at this year's World Congress of Chiropractic Students, which will be for slightly longer.

To say I'm excited is an understatement. This is a plethora of first-time experiences for me, so I'll be sure to clear out my camera's memory and bring lots of batteries before I head out Sunday.
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Ryan's home

And I told him what happened.
He seemed pretty ambivalent about it, but appreciated the fact that I was honest.
He said that she didn't seem like a very honest person, at least about some things, which I can't help but agree with.
So theoretically, now I can go on with my life.

Now all the pieces should make more sense

Subj: My Flight itineary!!Mail me back asap!!
Hello again.I am glad that all is working fine and i will be real reliefed if you get things done today.My travelling agent Celestine said that I can still get a seat with the United Flight 9021 into ATL.
United Flight 9021
Departs: 11:05p...m-Lagos,Nigeria (LOS)
Arrives: 5:25a.m-Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
Flight Time: 6hr 20 Min
1 Stop - Change planes in Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)Scheduled Layover time: 6hrs 35min
United Flight 945
Departs: 12:00p.m Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
Arrives: 4:25p.m Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Flight Time: 6hrs 25min
You should deposit the check at your bank ATM machine and hold on to the total room rent.Try get to a Moneygram place and send $2200 for my ticket fee so that he can secure seat for me before it gets filled up.
You should write the below to me so that I can forward to him to go pick up the funds
1.Reference number
2.exact amount sent
3.senders name and address which is you
4 Text question..favourite colour..answer..Pink
Here is his info to send to-
Name-Celestine Henry
Address-12 Victoria road
Zip code..23401
Please send asap .I will be leaving here this Saturday and arrive on Sunday.I hope you will be available to come pick me up at the airport(ATL) at 4:25pm.Kindly send asap cos i will not want to miss that flight.Let me know the moneygram details as soon as you get it done.i will start filling up my bags tomorrow.Keep me posted and i hope all is well with you too.Bye for now and reply,Jessica

I seem to have left out some important details

I received the check today, but haven't had time to get to the bank.  I'll go by tomorrow to deposit it.  In the meantime, let me know your flight information so I know when to be at the airport, unless you plan on taking a taxi.
Please find attached a photo of me so you can recognize me.
Thanks for your Honesty!!!
Hi,I am glad you got my payment and I am rest assured now that I have gotten a nice place with you.I hope you are getting everything already set for me now and my room too just try and make it set for me so that all i have to do when i get to state myself in person is just to furnish the room to my own taste and get the basic bed room sets in to my room.Is there
any Bed lamp in there?anyway I plan to get all that as soon as i am in town so you will show me around stores where i can shop around.
He actually told me that the payment was sent through Fedex.I know you are a honest person too and i so much appreciate your extreme honesty and cant wait to meet you in person too.He actually paid out the whole money($3000).Yes the whole money is for both my room rent and the rest is the rest of my money.I told him to just send the rent money to you but he acutally send all my money to you but I know I am in safe hand.Please travelling agent said he can book flight for me from here into Atlanta.Is ATL Airport very Close to our home?because he said that UNITED AIRWAYS AIRLINE  has a flight into ATL on Saturday.I hope you will be available to come pick me up at the airport but i will let you know my flight ilitenary so you could know my exact time of arrival.
You should go and deposit the check at your bank ATM machine  and I am sure your account will be credited soonest so that you can then get paid of the rent.
Please hold on to the rent for now and please you have to send $2200 for ticket fees so that i can comeover on Saturday.When can you get to the Moneygram place?Can you send $2200 asap so that he can get paid of ticket fees and book that flight for me and i can comeover on Saturday.I really know I am in safe hand and my mind is at rest.REPLY SOON and i will then get my travelling agent info.I hope not to be delayed.

And lo! the plot thickens

So I took that big ass check to Wachovia yesterday, where they couldn't really tell me anything, other than to be wary.
But today, I went to Bank of America, where as soon as they ran it through the check reader they agreed it was fraudulent. They kept the check and took down my information (copy of driver's license and phone number).

So I sent this to "Jessica":

I took your check to the bank, and they said that it was fraudulent. They have notified the FBI and Interpol. All of your emails have been collected as evidence, and your IP address has been logged.
Basically, that means you probably won't make it on the flight this weekend, so you can either make alternate arrangments for payment and transportation, or I will continue looking for a roommate who has valid documentation and finanical assets.
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More on Jessica Joseph

Fedex Tracking number 871751152314

How are you doing? You will be receiving my payment today via Fedex courrier service.Here is the tracking number so you could know there movement 871751152314.Let me know as soon as you received it.You should deposit at your bank ATM machine and I am sure your account will be credited soonest.I will let you know my flight itineary for this week.I am really looking forward meeting you soonest.
Have a nice day.

Payment Delivered!!!!

How are you doing? I just tracked the package and see it has been delivered.How much got to you? I will get accross to my client to know the details of the payment.You should deposit at your bank ATM machine and I am sure your account will be credited soonest.I am really looking forward meeting you soonest.
Have a nice day.

Last Scan: 2/3/2010 9:56:00 AM Delivered US
Delivered To: US
Delivery Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Delivery Time: 9:56 AM
Delivery Location: Residence
Signed By: Signature not required
Carrier: FedEx
Service: Priority Envelope
FedEx Tracking Number: 871751152314
So I got a check today for $3000, drawn on Fleet National Bank from Forex Capital Markets' account. I took the check to Wachovia to see if they could tell me anything about it, and their Loss Management department didn't have anything on file. I was told, however, that Fleet had been acquired by Bank of America and that I would most likely have more luck if I were to check there. Of course, by that time, all BoA's were closed, so I tried calling their 800 number. Not being an account holder really limits my options for phone help, so all I learned was that it was an active account. My next step is to go to a branch between classes tomorrow to see what's going on with the account. If it turns out to be a legitimate financial instrument, then I'll open a new account at Wachovia and have them put the most stringent hold possible on it, so that if it is bogus, I won't run the risk of my own funds in my main account being affected.
And of course, we'll see if this person is actually coming through ATL and if they want some kind of refund on what could potentially be the standard Nigerian scam overpayment. I'm just really spinning because she didn't specify anything yet. ...although she did want me to just deposit the check into an ATM, which would probably be a knee-jerk way of circumventing any preventative measures.
And I'll let her see what I look like so I can may or may not be recognized when she does or doesn't come through the airport.

Scam confirmed.

Notice any similarities?
Let me tell you more about meYeah very nice place. my name is Laura Leandro and am from Canada, am 28 years old of age.Christianity by religion, am single with no kids.I speak English,My personality traits are: serious, confident, calm, purposeful, persistent, smart, responsible,I usually read: classics, novels, newspapers and magazines My favorite physical activities:Working Out, Dancing, Swimming and Hiking/Walking.I like the place and I'll be so glad if you can reserve the room for me.i'll love to rent the place.

I sell African beads,i used to buy it in Africa and send it to U.S.A and here in Canada for selling and i based in Canada but now want to be staying there in the USA because i have alot of customers over in the state and i will not be doing the business in the house because i used to send the beads to my customer from Africa direct to them when i travel to go and buy it in Africa.

Thats is why am looking for a place to stay in the states so that i will have comfortable chance to do this business,just not like to stay in hotel. I'm a quiet and easy going person to live with. My families lives here in Canada .. and will love to come down as soon as possible to explore my business and hope to have a more business job. However, based on your mail i will be making a payment to move in.. I will like to make the payment for the first month ahead of my arrival, and then i will make subsequent payment thereafter as i plan to stay or more than 12 months.
Hope to hear from you soon


So that makes me a little sad.
I was really hoping that it was going to work out, as my previous roommate has yet to send me the money for January's rent (as agreed) or the utilities he used in December (as billed in January), and I can only float for so long. "Check's in the mail," can only be realistic for so long.

This time from my Roommates.com inbox....

I am laura leandro.I am really interested in renting the place from you.I am quite comfortable with you after I have gone through your advert. I am a very dedicated individual who is totally committed to human development, very trustworthy and
value relationship above anything.I am 28 years old female.I will like to have a roommate who is very understanding and trustworthy as well ,someone who I can really get along
with.I will like to know the details of the place,the total move in cost as well as a bit about yourself I hope to hear from you soon if your place is still available for rent ok.I can be reached at lauraleandro98@yahoo.com .Kindly email me to
lauraleandro98@yahoo.com because I have not upgrade my account and I cant view my
message.Have a nice day.
I'm just going to send her this link.
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Play it again, Scam.

Let me lead with this: I have a morbid sense of curiosity.
That in mind, here goes.

Good Morning Ron and i will like to read from you!!!

Hello Ron,

How are you doing today? I just want to inform you that i will like to read from you soon and have you removed your advert from the roommates.com? because i have rest assured that i have secured a room from you.The payment will be getting to you by next week Tuesday and i will be getting to the state by next weekend.Looking forward to read from you.



Waiting to read from you Ron!!!

Hi Ron,

Did you have my email yesterday? am still waiting to read from you soon and i will send you my picture when reading from you.Have a good weekend.


Yes, the room is still available. Look forwad to seeing you.

Hello Ron and My Picture
How are you doing today? try to check your attachment and see my picture so that you can recognize me at the airport this weekend.I will also need your picture so that i can recognize you also.Hope you spent your weekend in a cool way? I will get back to you with the tracking number tomorrow morning so that you will know actual time that the payment will get to you tomorrow.Thaks.
...Jessica, or so 'she' says.

I wish Google had an application that let me search for images to see if they exist elsewhere on the web.
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