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And lo! the plot thickens

So I took that big ass check to Wachovia yesterday, where they couldn't really tell me anything, other than to be wary.
But today, I went to Bank of America, where as soon as they ran it through the check reader they agreed it was fraudulent. They kept the check and took down my information (copy of driver's license and phone number).

So I sent this to "Jessica":

I took your check to the bank, and they said that it was fraudulent. They have notified the FBI and Interpol. All of your emails have been collected as evidence, and your IP address has been logged.
Basically, that means you probably won't make it on the flight this weekend, so you can either make alternate arrangments for payment and transportation, or I will continue looking for a roommate who has valid documentation and finanical assets.


Apr. 6th, 2010 09:07 pm (UTC)
just checking my IP